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Customer can now have the freedom to redeem 
loyalty points or miles at any retailers

Increase Your Customer Loyalty

with Powerful Redemption Platform

Pointsnet is a dedicated payment platform for loyalty programs, installed at checkout pages of online retailers or POS machine on offline store, enables members of participating loyalty programs to shop with their points or miles

Company Vision

The sole objective is to provide an easy way to turn rewards into virtual currency that can be used to pay for purchases at any checkout (point-of-sale) – anytime, anywhere, online or at brick and mortar environment.

Enhanced  Loyalty Technology

Our technology help loyalty members to have greater control of their reward currency, they can buy products without having to wait for rewards balances to grow.

The result is an increase in the number of redemptions, accelerated engagement, and higher customer satisfaction due to consumers’ increased buying power with rewards currencies.


Pointsnet at a Glance

Payment interface that is Easy to integrate into various technology, such as web based application or mobile application.

Web Services

Support Mobile developer to use Pointsnet as payment channel with mobile API payment library.


Anyone who sells something through social media, such on instagram, whatsapp, sms, twitter etc , now could accept payment with any loyalty points program and cash through URL

API Based

Fully web services with hundreds of functions  that are easy to integrate


Customer can spend their points at Brick-and-Mortar store with Poinstnet payment system which supports POS application

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Why Pointsnet?


  • Loyalty points are as good as currency which merchants have no access previously

  • Loyalty members represents new captured segment market/customer that merchants can focus on with joint promotions with loyalty program owners

  • The loyalty programs are keen to engage their members via merchants, for their members to get value from their points 

  • Perceived as spending ‘free’ money in the form of points, greater willingness to spend

Loyalty Owner

  • Pointsnet offers Loyalty Program Owners to give members freedom to redeem directly with a range of attractive retailers across categories including fashion, leisure and households – simply by clicking Pointsnet checkout button.

  • Members are now enjoying/experience your brand loyalty at their favourite online shop! 

  • Typical redemption model now under pressure in a world where consumer expectations are continuously challenge by the relentless growth and sophistication of ecommerce.


White Label Design and Experience

Our platform can be completely customized to reflect your brand identity.

Let us help you reach your goals with an innovative redemption platform that enables you to unlock points/miles as currencies with limitless opportunities.

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Our Technology


Meet The Team

Jamil Abu Hassan

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Chief Marketing Officer

Syed Ahmad Akmal

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Chief Executive Officer

Mada Perdhana

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Chief Technology Officer


Advisory Boards


Bahram Ahmedzade

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Johan Ibrahim

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